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Map showing the location of the Vale on Westeros.

The Eyrie.

The Vale of Arryn, often called simply the Vale, is one of the constituent regions of Westeros. It was once an independent nation, named the Kingdom of Vale and Sky, before the ruling House Arryn of the Eyrie surrendered to Aegon the Conqueror during the War of Conquest.


House Arryn has ruled the Vale for six thousand years, although in recent years the blood of the line has become thin. House Arryn took no part in the recent War of the Five Kings and remains in control of the Vale.

The Valemen are stalwart and reliable. The blood of the Andals remains thickest here, and the Vale claims to be the home of chivalry and honour in Westeros. Some of the valemen live in the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon. They reject authority and gather in clans, including the Black Ears and the Burned Men.

Bastards born in the Vale take the surname 'Stone'.


The Vale is on the eastern shore of Westeros, where there are hundreds of small lakes, wide rivers, and rich black soil. The Vale has very harsh winters. It can be reached through the High Road, which is protected by the Bloody Gate.

There are several regions in the Vale, including the Vale of Arryn, the Mountains of the Moon, the Fingers, the islands of the Three Sisters, the Papers, Pebble, and the peninsula surrounding Gulltown.


Vale of Arryn is most notable for its pumpkins, fruits, and candles. The candles, produced by House Waxley, are scented with nutmeg and other spices. Wheat, corn, and barley are also grown in the Vale.


The Andals initially landed in the Vale when they first came to Westeros from the east. The Arryns, a line of Andal nobility, ruled for many centuries until Aegon the Conqueror came.

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