The Tragedy of Summerhall was a great fire that broke out in the royal residence of Summerhall in 259 AL, and a serious blow to House Targaryen.

The fire left the castle ruined and resulted in the death of King Aegon V, his eldest son and heir, Prince Duncan, and Lord Commander Ser Duncan the Tall. It is sometimes blamed on the Targaryen's attempts to bring dragons back into the world by hatching ancient dragon eggs.

In the eyes of Aerys II and his sister-wife Rhaella, the tragedy at Summerhall either heralded or directly contributed to the birth of their eldest son, Rhaegar. As a result, the prince grew up with a complex fascination for Summerhall. Here he was happiest, yet also saddened by the memory of the tragedy. He liked to visit the place himself and sleep in the ruined hall beneath the moon and the stars.

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