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The Stormlands form one of the constituent regions of Westeros. They were held by the line of the Storm Kings before the last of their number, Argilac the Arrogant, was killed during the War of Conquest by Orys Baratheon, half-brother to Aegon the Conqueror. House Baratheon has ruled the Stormlands from Storm's End ever since.


The stormborn are a strong people with a history of fielding impressive warriors. The Stormlands are ruled from the castle in Storm's End, which is run by House Baratheon.

Bastards born in the Stormlands take the surname 'Storm'.


The Stormlands are south of King's Landing. They are surrounded by the Reach, to the west, the Sea of Dorne, and Shipbreaker Bay, to the east.

There are a few islands, which are considered part of the Stormlands. These islands include Tarth and Estermont. Tarth is known as the "Sapphire Isle" because of its bright blue color.

Three main cities in the Stormlands are Rainwood, Storm's End, and the Dornish Marches.


Originally, the Stormlands were run by the Storm Kings. The Stormlands are known for their strong martial skills and strong castles because originally the land was the first line of defense against Dornish invasions.

Argilac the Arrogant was the final Storm King to rule the land before House Baratheon took over.

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