The Princess and the Queen is a novella consisting of material written by George R.R. Martin for The World of Ice and Fire but cut when it ran drastically over-length. Rather than lose the material, Martin decided to publish it in his anthology Dangerous Women. It replaces the fourth Dunk and Egg short story, The She-Wolves, which will instead be published later in a different venue.

Plot introductionEdit

The Princess and the Queen is a narrative history, taking place at the outbreak of the Dance of Dragons.

Relationship with A Song of Ice and FireEdit

  • The Dance of Dragons began in 129 AL, one hundred and sixty-nine years before the events of A Game of Thrones. It was the conflict that saw most of the lesser branches of House Targaryen and almost all of its dragons destroyed.


The Princess and the Queen is due to be published as part of Dangerous Women in late 2013. The World of Ice and Fire will also contain some of the same information in a more concise form.

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