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Summer Sea[]

The Summer Sea is the sea lying to the south of Westeros and Essos, dividing those continents from the southern landmass of Sothoryos. The Summer Sea is divided from the Jade Sea by the island of Great Moraq and from the Narrow Sea by the Stepstones. The Straits of Qarth and the Cinnamon Straits link the Summer Sea to the Jade Sea north and south of Moraq respectively.


The Summer Islands lie at the south-western edge of the Summer Sea, dividing that body of water from the Sunset Sea to the west. Slaver's Bay and the Gulf of Grief are inlets of the Summer Sea.

Major ports on the Summer Sea include Lys, Volantis, New Ghis, Qarkash, Qarth and Faros. The castles of Saltshore, Lemonwood and Sunspear in Dorne also overlook the Summer Sea.