Skagos is a large island in the Bay of Seals, with the Shivering Sea washing against its northern and eastern shores. The currents around the water are treacherous, and the great autumn storms often cut off the island from the mainland, and make the journey from the north-east coast of Westeros to the Free Cities extremely hazardous. Skagos is a remote and harsh land dominated by hills and mountains, where the people are savage, little more than tribes of raiders who are thought to be cannibals. They either live in caves or grim, remote strongholds. In theory they owe fealty to the Stark in Winterfell, but they are mostly left to their own devices, unless they start causing trouble for other lands by raiding. Unicorns are reported to live on Skagos, but are normally considered a myth by outsiders.

Adjacent to Skagos is Skane, an island where all the inhabitants were reportedly slaughtered and than eaten by the Skagans.