Dead history is writ in ink, the living sort in blood.
— Rodrik Harlaw

Lord Rodrik Harlaw, also known as Rodrik the Reader, is the head of House Harlaw, Lord of Ten Towers, and Lord of Harlaw. He is the good-brother of King Balon Greyjoy. He is the captain of the Sea Song.

Appearance and Character Edit

Rodrik has brown hair and eyes, and a short, neat grey beard. He has requested a Myrish lense to aid with his vision.

History Edit

Rodrik's two sons were both killed during the Battle of Fair Isle. He used to have septons present at Ten Towers to care for his books. His sister, Gwynesse Harlaw, believes she should be the Lord of Ten Towers.

Books Edit

A Feast for Crows Edit

Rodrik assembles all those who would support Asha Greyjoy in the Kingsmoot at Ten Towers. He speaks with Lord Baelor Blacktyde. Rodrik's cousin, Hotho Harlaw, brings a copy of Marwyn's Book of Lost Books, in the hope that Rodrik will marry his daughter. Rodrik offers to name Asha heir to Ten Towers if she agrees to back down her intentions for the throne. He is one of the first to call Asha's name at the Kingsmoot. Rodrik helps Asha escape after the Kingsmoot.

After the Taking of the Shields, Victarion Greyjoy and Nute the Barber spot him talking with Lord Gorold Goodbrother and Dunstan Drumm. Rodrik is sceptical of Euron's plan to conquer Wetseros. and doubts his claim that he sailed the Smoking Sea. Rodrik fears the enmity of the Reach.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Asha remembers how her uncle had advised her to read Haereg's History of the Ironborn, which recounts an event where a Kingsmoot was overturned.