Ser Rodrik Cassel is an anointed knight of House Cassel. He serves as Master-at-Arms of Winterfell under Lord Eddard Stark. He is killed by the army of Ramsay Bolton outside the walls of the castle.

Appearance and Character Edit

He is described as being stout and broad. His most impressive features are his large white whiskers. He is loyal and courageous.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Rodrik takes a training session with the Stark household as well as those in the royal retinue. He refuses to let Prince Joffrey Baratheon uses sharpened swords in a duel with Robb Stark, causing Sandor Clegane to confront the knight on refusing the whims of a prince.

Rodrik is amongst those invited on a hunt to celebrate the departure of Eddard Stark and King Robert Baratheon, who are departing Winterfell for King's Landing.

When a Catspaw is sent to Winterfell to assasinate Bran Stark, Ser Rodrik is left to look at the weapon. It is a dagger of Valyrian steel with a dragonbone handle. Ser Rodrik volunteers to accompany Catelyn Stark to King's Landing when she announces she must go.