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The Red Wedding was one of the major climaxes in A Storm of Swords.

It came about because Robb Stark, who was betrothed to a female of the proud Frey clan, married Jeyne Westerling, of a lesser house. Robb still needed the Freys, bannermen to Riverrun who were his primary support, to help him win the War, and so tried to treaty with them and win back their loyalty. At Walder Frey's insistence, he and his army went to the Twins, where Edmure Tully, Robb's uncle, married a Frey woman. Catelyn Stark, Robb's mother, believed that they were safe after partaking in food and drink at the Frey's table. Catelyn soon recognized The Rains of Castamere but by then it was too late. After crossbow men shot Robb, Lord Bolton stabbed Robb in the stomach. The Frey men slaughtered the small Stark host and killed Robb and Catelyn as well. They cut off Robb's head and replaced it with the head of Grey Wind, his direwolf, and threw Catelyn Stark into the river after stripping her naked.

This event became known as a cursed happening with other major characters, and caused the Freys much grief following it

During this whole event Brynden Tully was able to survive and appeared later on.