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Pate is a novice of the Citadel in Oldtown. He is killed by the Alchemist in a back alley after stealing a key in exchange for a gold coin.


Pate originally comes from The Westerlands, where he was a member of the smallfolk. He was named after Spotted Pate a legendary hero amongst the smallfolk of Westeros. Pate arrived at the Citadel when he was 13, and has spent five years without gaining a link in his chain. He had failed to demonstrate his knowledge of the heavens to Archmaester Vaellyn, and his knowledge of healing to Archmaester Ebrose.


A Feast for Crows[]

Pate is currently in service to Archmaester Walgrave, a senile man in charge of the Ravenry of the Citadel. Pate's duties include dressing him and fetching him meals. He is approached by a man called the Alchemist, who offers him a gold dragon in exchange for Walgrave's keys.

Pate steals the key and goes to the Quill and Tankard inn to meet the alchemist and perform the exchange, but instead he meets Alleras, who is celebrating the forging of his copper link with Armen, Roone and Mollander.

Pate thinks to himself of his infatuation with Rosey, a 15 year old serving wench at the Quill and Tankard, who's maidenhead has been offered for one gold dragon. He clashes with Leo Tyrell over her, and even contemplates killing him, but decides against it, as his father is the Commander of the City Watch of Oldtown, and his cousin is Mace Tyrell.

He is lured away shortly afterwards by the Alchemist, who gives him the gold dragon he desires. Pate dies shortly after, collapsing to the cobbles below. He is told that he will never understand what is happening. His last thought is of Rosey.