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Maidenpool is a town in The Riverlands and is the seat of House Mooton.


Maidenpool is located on the Bay of Crabs, to the east of Castle Darry and south east of Saltpans. It is the furthest east settlement located in the Riverlands and is just north of The Crownlands city of Duskendale.


The town takes its name from a pool where the legendary Florian the Fool first witnessed Jonquil bathing along with her sisters. The pool is still supposedly visible today, and is a landmark of the lands of House Mooton.


A Storm of Swords[]

Maidenpool is sacked multiple times during the War of the Five Kings. Once by Ser Gregor Clegane and then by Northern forces, possibly under the command of Ser Helman Tallhart or Harrion Karstark, and lastly by a group of outlaws.

After Lord Randyll Tarly wins the Battle of Duskendale he marches his army North and retakes the castle of Maidenpool, throwing Lord William Mooton into a tower cell. Harrion Karstark is also held as a prisoner of the Iron Throne at Maidenpool.

A Feast for Crows[]

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne pass through Maidenpool on their search for Sansa Stark. They depart Maidenpool with Dick Crabb, travelling to Cracklaw Point. They return later and depart again, this time with Ser Hyle Hunt and Septon Meribald to head deeper into the Riverlands.