Luwin is a Maester of the Citadel and serves as the Maester of Winterfell, serving the lords of House Stark. He is mercy killed by Osha after the Sack of Winterfell.

Appearances and Character Edit

Luwin is described as grey by Catelyn, with grey robes, hair and eyes. He uses his sleeves to keep hidden pockets full of items that he may find useful.

History Edit

Luwin delivered all of the offspring of the marriage of Catelyn Tully and Eddard Stark. He was tasked with educating the Stark children, as well as Ned's bastard, Jon Snow, and his ward, Theon Greyjoy. Luwin taught the stars to Jon, the history of the Night's Watch to Bran Stark and the history of the Lords of Winterfell to Theon.

It is unclear how he delivered Robb Stark, as he was born in Riverrun. It is possible, therefore, that he came south with Eddard when he joined in Robert's Rebellion.

Books Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Maester Luwin is the one who delivers the letter from Lysa Arryn to Catelyn Stark, suspecting House Lannister of Jon Arryn's murder. Luwin looks after Bran when the young boy falls from the First Keep. After four days he tells Tyrion Lannister that he believes Bran will live.

Luwin is present when Catelyn accuses Ser Jaime Lannister of throwing Bran from the tower. He remarks that Bran is usually assured in climbing and that he knows every stone of Winterfell.

When Bran dreams that his father is in the crypts, it is Luwin who takes him down to see that no one is there. They find a distraught Rickon, who has had the same dream, and Shaggydog, who bites Maester Luwin. He takes the two back to his tower, and they talk about the Children of the Forest. Only to be interrupted by the wolves that begin to howl and Rickon starts to cry, before a bloody raven arrives. Maester Luwin reads the message that Lord Eddard Stark has been executed, and tells them that they must find a stone carver who knew their father's features.

A Clash of Kings Edit

When told about his dreams, Maester Luwin discourages Bran from believing in magic.

After Theon Greyjoy took Winterfell, Luwin remained the at the castle, counseled Theon and sent crows under his command, saying that he only serves the realm. Even though he discouraged Theon when he threatened to kill Bran and Rickon, and he almost convinced him to surrender the castle and take the black before the Bolton men came to his aid.

Luwin is stabbed by House Bolton's men during the sack of Winterfell, after advising Theon Greyjoy. Osha later gives him a quick death on his request.