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Long Barrow, also called the Long Barrow, is one of the castles situated along The Wall. It lies to the east of Rimegate and west of Torches. It has been abandoned by the Night's Watch.


A Game of Thrones[]

Mance Rayder climbs the Wall near Long Barrow when he travels to Winterfell to witness the visit of King Robert I Baratheon.

A Clash of Kings[]

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont intends to regarrison Long Barrow with forces from Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

A Storm of Swords[]

Before the battle beneath the Wall, Rattleshirt is seen nearby to Long Barrow. He is later caught in the abandoned castle by Cotter Pyke.

A Dance with Dragons[]

The new Lord Commander, Jon Snow, regarrisons the castle with with wildling spearwives under the command of Iron Emmett, with Eddison Tollett serving as his chief steward. Men of the Night's Watch start to refer to the castle as Whore's Barrow.