The Jade Sea is a body of water lying south of the continent of Essos. It is separated from the larger Summer Sea to the west by the island of Great Moraq. The Straits of Qarth and Cinnamon Straits link the Summer and Jade seas.

The Jade Sea is large and roughly circular. It is formed by the shorelines of at least three continents: Essos to the north, Sothoryos to the south-west and Ulthos to the south-east. Yi Ti is the largest nation on its shores, located to the north. The great city of Asshai also lies on the Jade Sea where it meets the Saffron Straits, which connect it to as-yet unknown seas to the east.

The Jade Sea is an exotic name evoking fable, myth and adventure to those in Westeros. Aside from merchant traders, few from Westeros visit the area and little is known about it save that exotic cities lie upon its far shores.