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House Baratheon of Storm's End is a legally extinct ruling house of the Stormlands. The house legally died out during the War of the Five Kings, when Renly Baratheon was assassinated.

Their symbol is a crowned stag black on a golden field. Their words are "Ours is the Fury".

Houses sworn to Storm's End[]

  • House Bolling
  • House Buckler of Bronzegate
  • House Cafferen of Fawnton
  • House Caron of Nightsong
  • House Connington of Griffin's Roost
  • House Dondarrion of Blackhaven
  • House Errol of Haystack Hall
  • House Estermont of Greenstone
  • House Fell of Felwood
  • House Gower
  • House Grandison of Grandview
  • House Hasty
  • House Herston
  • House Horpe
  • House Kellington
  • House Lonmouth
  • House Mertyns of Mistwood
  • House Morrigen of Crows Nest
  • House Musgood
  • House Peasebury of Poddingfield
  • House Penrose of Parchments
  • House Rogers of Amberly
  • House Selmy of Harvest Hall
  • House Staedmon of Broad Arch
  • House Swann of Stonehelm
  • House Swygert
  • House Tarth of Evenfall Hall
  • House Trant of Gallowsgrey
  • House Tudbury
  • House Wagstaff
  • House Wensington
  • House Wylde of Rain House

Extinct Houses of the Stormlands[]


Robert's bastards[]

Historical members[]