The Gulf of Grief is a large body of water located to the south of Slaver's Bay. It divides the Valyrian Peninsula in the west from the nation of Ghis in the east.


The Gulf is so-named because its shores were devastated during the Doom of Valyria four centuries ago. During the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of the Doom, vast tidal waves and tsunamis raced across the Gulf and south across the Summer Sea, destroying numerous cities.


The Gulf of Grief is a wide inlet of the Summer Sea. It is heavily travelled, as ships from the Free Cities, Westeros and Summer Islands to the west and [[Qarth] and the lands of the Jade Sea to the east frequently stop at the ports along its shores and on Slaver's Bay to the north. The Gulf is roughly 500 miles across from north to south and is almost 600 miles wide between the shores of Valyria and the island of Ghaen. The largest city on the Gulf is New Ghis.