Great Wyk is the largest islands in the archipelago known as The Iron Islands. Some of the houses on Great Wyk include House Goodbrother, House Merlyn and House Farwynd.

Location[edit | edit source]

Great Wyk is the largest of the islands, and the one furthest to the west, excluding the island of Lonely Light. It is to the west of Harlaw and Old Wyk, and to the north west of Pyke. One of the landmark features of the island is the Hardstone Hills.

History[edit | edit source]

The first sept on the Iron Islands was built on Great Wyk, during the rule of King Wulfgar Hoare.

House Hoare, ancient kings of the Iron Islands and The Riverlands, had their seat of Hoare Castle located on the island. It was destroyed by Ser Aubrey Crakehall after the defeat of King Hagon Hoare.

Great Wyk was personally subdued by Aegon I Targaryen after the War of Conquest. He flew in on the back of Balerion. Aegon personally killed Lord Qhorin Volmark, who was pushing a claim to be the new King of the Iron Islands.

Great Wyk was personally subdued by Stannis Baratheon during the Greyjoy Rebellion.

Books[edit | edit source]

A Feast for Crows[edit | edit source]

The priest Aeron Greyjoy, who is the youngest living son of Lord Quellon Greyjoy, is present on Great Wyk baptizing men into the Drowned God faith. He is helped by Rus and Norjen in baptizing the struggling Emmond. He is then informed by The Sparr, head of House Sparr, his son Steffarion Sparr and Lord Gormond Goodbrother, who tell him that his brother, King Balon Greyjoy, has died.

Aeron rides to the Hammerhorn, deep in the Hardstone Hills, to see Lord Gorold Goodbrother, who tells him that Euron Greyjoy has returned. He rides down to Pebbleton, a village on the island, and declares that a Kingsmoot has to occur.

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