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The Eyrie is one of the major castles in Westeros, seated by House Arryn. It is located high in the mountains near The Vale of Arryn and is almost impossible to storm or starve out. It was the home of Jon and Lysa Arryn and their son.


The Eyrie is the smallest of the great castles, consisting only of a cluster of seven slim, white towers bunched tightly together. They can hold up to five hundred men. 

The castle is made of fine white stone. The towers encircle a garden, which had been meant as a godswood, but no weirwood heart tree would take root in the stony soil. The garden, which is overlooked by Lady Lysa Arryn's apartments, instead contains grass, shrubbery, and statuary.

The barracks and stables are carved directly into the mountain. The granary is as large as those found in much larger castles, like Winterfell. The Eyrie also contains a sept. And the waterfall known as Alyssa's Tears can be heard from the Eyrie.

Main Features.[]

The Sky Cells.[]

  • The Eyrie is famous for its sky cells, which are prison cells set in the castle hundreds of feet in the air with a wall open to empty space. The floors of the cells are also sloped so that a sleeping prisoner can accidentally roll out of his cell. Tyrion Lannister spent some time in a sky cell after being capture by Catelyn Stark in A Game of Thrones.

The Moon Door.[]

  • The Moon Door is a narrow door in the High Hall of the Eyrie, it stands between two slender pillars in the High Hall. A crescent moon is carved into the door, which opens inward, and is barred by heavy bronze. The door opens into the sky and a six hundred foot drop to the stones of the valley below. Most executions at the Eyrie use this door.


A Game of Thrones.[]

After Lord Jon Arryn's death in King's Landing, his widow Lysa returns to the Eyrie with their son, Robert Arryn

Lysa's older sister,lady Catelyn, captures Tyrion Lannister and brings him to the Eyrie, where Lysa imprisons him in the sky cells. Although he escapes after demanding a trial, and the captain of the guard, Ser Vardis Egen, is killed in that trial by combat against the sellsword Bronn.

A Clash of Kings.[]

A Storm of Swords.[]

A Feast for Crows.[]

In A Feast for Crows, the newest Lord Protector, Petyr Baelish, abadons the Eyrie, taking the little Lord Arryn and Sansa Stark, disguised as his bastard daughter, with him.

A Dance of Dragons.[]