The Dun Fort is the ancestral seat of House Darklyn. It currently serves as the seat of House Rykker. The current lord of the Dun Fort is Renfred Rykker.


The Dun Fort overlooks the port town of Duskendale, located on the east coast of The Crownlands. It is north of Rosby, southeast of Maidenpool and southwest of Cracklaw Point.


The castle has a large square keep and big drum towers.


The Defiance of Duskendale took place in the Dun Fort, and Lord Denys Darklyn kept King Aerys II Targaryen prisoner within the castle.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Brienne Tarth visits the Dun Fort on her quest to recover Sansa Stark. Renfred Rykker is absent as he has travelled to Maidenpool with Randyll Tarly, and he has left Ser Rufus Leek to serve as castellan. Brienne talks with the Maester of the castle, but he does not know about the whereabouts of Sansa or Ser Dontos Hollard.