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Coldhands is an enigmatic figure who saves Samwell Tarly and travels with Bran Stark for a time. He appears beyond the wall, riding a great elk.


Nothing is known about Coldhands' past. Based on his uniform and his demeanor with Samwell, he may have been a member of the Night's Watch before his death.

Saving Samwell[]

Coldhands rescues Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and her baby from incoming wights as they escape from Craster's Keep after the Night's Watch's mutiny. He escorts them back to the Wall but is unable to enter due to magic. He makes protecting Bran Stark and his company his primary concern, charging Sam with returning Bran to safety.

Bran's Protector[]

Coldhands next appears with Bran, Meera Reed, Jojen Reed, and Hodor as he kills abandoned members of the Night's Watch. Bran is unaware of the mutiny and is concerned about both the lives of the Night's Watchmen and Jon himself.

The group travels to the Three-Eyed Crow, with Coldhands' elk dying along the way. He protects them from wights, himself unable to enter the Three-Eyed Crow's cave due to magic.

Appearance and Personality[]

Coldhands has all the traits of a wight: he is cold, lifeless, with black hands that are as cold as ice. This coldness extends to his efficiency, as he is a skilled enough warrior to kill several AWOL members of the Night's Watch.