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You weren't s'posed to be here.
— The Catspaw, to Catelyn Stark

The Catspaw is an assassin who is sent to kill Bran Stark. He is killed by Summer, who tears out his throat.

Appearance and Character[]

He is small and dirty, dressed in filthy brown clothes that stink of horses. He has a gaunt face with deep, sunken eyes. His hair is limp and blonde. He moves with more speed than he would seem.


A Game of Thrones[]

The catspaw starts a fire in the Library Tower of Winterfell, which is meant to serve as a distraction to those who would be guarding Bran. He attacks Lady Catelyn Stark when he finds her there, cutting her almost to the fingerbones and yanking out some of her hair. he is about to attack her again, as she lies on the floor, but Summer attacks him and tears out his throat.

Ser Rodrik Cassel takes his weapon after his death, thinking it too fine a weapon for a man such as him. He discovers that the blade is Valyrian steel and the hilt is dragonbone. Hallis Mollen reports that the man was not a resident of Winterfell, although he had been seen in the weeks building up to the incident. Theon Greyjoy says that he had been sleeping in the stables. He was paid ninety silver stags for the murder of Bran.