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Asshai, or Asshai-by-the-Shadow, is a city of Essos lying almost six thousand miles south-east of Westeros, on the far side of the known world. It is a great seaport on the eastern coast of the Jade Sea, lying at the mouth of the Saffron Straits. It lies south-east of Yi Ti, south-west of the forbidding Shadow Lands and north of the mysterious land of Ulthos. The coastlands north and east of the city are infested with ghost grass[1].

Asshai is also a trading destination for ships. The city exports goods like amber and dragonglass.


The people of Asshai are known as Asshai'i. They are often confused with the people of the adjacent Shadow Lands, but can be told apart as natives of the Shadow almost always go masked in public.

The Dothraki have considered riding to Asshai to sack it, but the distance is immense and they fear the ghost grass, which they think will one day consume the entire world[2].

Notable people from Asshai are Melisandre, a Red Priestess working with Stannis Baratheon, and Quaithe of the Shadow.