House Greyjoy Sigil
House Greyjoy Sigil

Princess Asha Greyjoy is a renowned captain of the Iron Islands. She is the only daughter and the middle child of Balon Greyjoy and Alannys Harlaw. She is the younger sister of Rodrik Greyjoy and Maron Greyjoy and the older sister of Theon Greyjoy.


Asha Greyjoy is the daughter of Balon Greyjoy. She had three brothers; Rodrik, Maron, and Theon Greyjoy. Only Theon is still alive, as the other two died in Balon's ill-conceived Greyjoy Rebellion.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

She is described as having dark hair, and not being particularly pretty during childhood. She supposedly grew more attractive as she got older.

Asha commands her own ship. Her men listen to her and obey her, and do not regard her brother Theon with the same respect. Since Theon was under the wing of House Stark for most of his life, she was raised as the Greyjoy heir.

Recent EventsEdit

A Clash of Kings Edit

Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands. Asha wants to know how time has changed Theon, so she flirts with him, pretending to be, Esgrid a shipwright's wife. When he later learns that she's his sister, he is furious with her, and even angrier that their father favors her. She goes to Theon after he takes Winterfell, in answer to his calls for more men, but only brings him ten men to help him keep the castle. She has come primarily to get him to leave Winterfell, as the castle is too far from the sea for them to enforce or supply. However, she cannot get Theon to abandon his prize.

A Feast for Crows Edit

Asha loses the Kingsmoot on Old Wyk to her uncle Euron Greyjoy.

A Dance with Dragons Edit

Asha returns to Deepwood Motte. She learns that her uncle Euron has married her to Erik Ironmaker without her concent. Later she is taken captive by Stannis Baratheon, and is about to be sacrificed. She is met by Theon, who has escaped from Winterfell, but she does not recognize him.

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