A Game of Thrones Edit

A Game of Thrones is A Song of Ice and Fire Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world based on A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin and set in the world of Westeros, where award winning fiction is matched with award winning real-time gaming to bring to fans, for the very first time, the epic struggle for power in the Seven Kingdoms in an online role-play format. Story is at the heart of A Game of Thrones; Through the actions of their characters, players will have the ability to shape the world of Westeros around them.

Our goals include:

  • To create a novel role-playing experience for new and veteran role players alike in an exciting, award winning, first of its kind setting.
  • To create a self-sufficient, player driven game world that delivers a gratifying and dynamic gaming experience.
  • To create a world in which Dungeon Masters can supplement and support game play without needing to drive it.

There is no cost to play in A Game of Thrones. All content is created and servers are provided on a volunteer basis.

Features Edit

A Game of Thrones includes the following features...

  • Low magic setting
  • Player run factions, player driven world with thousands of quests
  • Custom content, including armor, shields, and weapons.
  • Custom classes, feats and skills (from AGoT d20 RPG)
  • Custom reputation system with social status and rankings
  • Custom combat system
  • Custom AI system

... and more.

Server Rating Edit

A Game of Thrones is rated M (Mature 17+) for intense graphic violence, strong language (in-character), sexual content (in-character), and elements of horror. A Game of Thrones is a role-play server, not a social server. The world of Westeros as envisioned by author George R. R. Martin is a dark and treacherous one, and we have every intention of staying true to that vision in bringing his world to life.

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